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Health benefits of infrared
1. Relieve pains: The infrared rays of a Royal Sauna accelerate the blood circulation and supply more oxygen to the body. Increased blood circulation diminishes inflammation, relieves pain, and speeds up recovery. Infrared saunas have also been used to treat bursitis, rheumatism, arthritis, and hemorrhoids. Increased blood circulation not only alleviates internal ailments, but also skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema and scars. Good circulation is essential for smooth and firm skin.
2. Burn calories & fat: The infrared rays of a Royal Sauna eliminate extra salt and subcutaneous fat. Burn up to 600 calories in one half hour session versus a half hour of jogging which burns 300 calories, and a half hours of cycling burns 225 calories.
3. Relax your body and mind: Use the built-in CD player to listen to your favorite music to relas and reduce stress. Infrared sauna also improve, often cure insomnia, and other stress related disorders. Reduces toxins and improve complexions: Sweating in a lower temperature environment activates the sweat glands and expels from the skin.
The McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science and Technology reports "medical practitioners make use of infrared radiant heat to treat sprains, strains, bursitis, peripheral vascular diseases, arthritis, and muscle pain?
Chinese Studies of Infrared
Researchers report over 90% success in a summary of Chinese studies that assessed the effects of infrared heat therapy on:
Soft tissue injury
Lumbar strain
Periarthritis of the shoulder
Pain during menstruation
Eczema with infection
Post-surgical infections
Facial paralysis(Bell抯 Palsy)
Pelvic infection
Pediatric pneumonia

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