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Wood: Selected Hemlock wood originated from Canada. Few holes caused by worms, knots, blue stain, cracks, fungus, smoked black. In addition, our saunas are constructed with 30%--40% vertical grain wood because flat grain wood looks quite beautiful, but lacks the natural strength to hold its shape for many years. ONLY vertical grain hemlock which can expand and contract without the warping and cupping.
Construction: With solid Tongue and Groove wood both inside and out, and is fully framed in white woods for the sturdiest construction available.
Portable: Comes ready-to-assemble; pre-constructed sides, base and top just snap together; assembly takes approximately 20 minutes; disassembles as easily as it assembles. Take it with you if you move
Moisture content: 8%-12%. Pls note that to keep appropriate moisture content directly influence the durability and firmness of sauna. Some aggressive factories states they boiled hemlock spruce before kiln dry. We've tested and proved that Hemlock spruce will become dark if boiled.
Quality workmanship and finish
Non-toxic water based glue
Lumbar support backrest
Thoughtful accessories, like cup holder, towel rack, magazine rack
Removable vent gives fresh air when enjoying sauna.
Each ceramic tube is coated with materials which can generate far-infrared light,
the reflected heat reaches people softer and without any burning feeling.
Interior reading light
Heat-proof CD Stereo AM/FM & 2 pre-wired hi-fi stereo speakers
Standard Household Plug In
We can make standard 120V, 220V, 240V and every country plug is available.
This means no additional wiring costs of your home.

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