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Why Royal Sauna
Comparison between Royal Saunas and most other brands in China
Item Royal Saunas Other brands Notes
Wood (1) Selected superior hemlock spruce originated from Canada Inferior hemlock spruce, white pine originated from Yunnan, China or other places. Flat grain wood looks quite beautiful, but lacks the natural strength to hold its shape for many years.ONLY vertical grain hemlock which can expand and contract without the warping and cupping.
Wood (2) 30%--40% are vertical grain wood 15%-25% are vertical grain wood.
Thickness of plank 6--6.5mm 3mm-6mm Keeping appropriate moisture content directly influence the durablity and firmness of sauna. Some agressive factories states they boiled hemlock spruce before kiln dry. We've tested and proved that Hemlock spruce will become dark if boiled.
Moisture content 8%-12% very hard to control
Cabin body surface Few holes casued by worms, knots, blue stain, cracks, fungus, smoked black A lot of holes casued by worms, knots, blue stain, cracks, fungus, smoked black Royal Saunas have strict standards on sauna cabin, inferior, bad plank are never used.
Door 6--8mm tempered glass door with wooden frame; or 10mm tempered full glass door some use untempered glass  
Control panel Designed and made by reputable manufacturer. Quality film switch could be used for 150,000 times. unknown  
Wires design UL/ETL listed wires for Northern American market;
CE, SAA…… listed wires for other markets.
Stereo CD manufactured by professional CD factory, specially designed for infrared sauna, heat-proof, trustworthy unknown  
Speakers heat-proof hi-fi speakers unknown  
Infrared emitters (1) Superior Ceramic infrared emitters unknown  
Infrared emitters (2) The distance between the heater and the upper wood board is around 10cm, so the board is uneasy to be smoked or even burnt. Less space left.  
Infrared reflector Reflector behind the infrared emitter is made by aluminium, excellent heat reflection performance Made by zinc-plating steel sheet or normal stainless steel sheet, poorer heat refelection performance.  
Infrared cover Coated with fadeproof fuzz which can insulate 90% heat, thus prevent being burned. Fuzz are non fadeproof, and some factories even don't use cloth fuzz at all.  
Package Every package passes the "Droping Test" ensuring the best protection effects onto sauna during transportation. Few does the droping test. Royal Saunas have been looking for the best packaging way. For 3-person sauna and above, we use 3 cartons. Doing this increases cost, however we think it is worthy. Consumers in USA will get a sauna as good as that in our factory, China.
Due to Royal Saunas' rich wood production experiences, professional facilities, skilled workers, strong R&D team as well as strict qaulity control system, we are always confident in that Royal Saunas are capable to meet the interests of your market. Sincerely hope more and more people can enjoy the healthy benefits of infrared under the endeavor of we both.

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