Why hemlock
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Why hemlock
Our high quality , non – Toxic Plantation Hemlock only used for strong constructions, like houses and modern boat building, unlike other woods that are used for furniture, musical instruments, flooring, turning,and crafts, etc . Hemlock has a natural pythoncidere fragrance, considered the’ forest bath’ for its abilityto relieve stress, eliminates bacteria, purifies air of pollutants to ensure smoother breathing, and enters the body via the nasal passage to fight diseases.
Our Hemlock timber is the best choice for your sauna, for home or commercial usage, and most beneficial for all those individuals with allergies, patients addressing health problems related to chemical or heavy metal toxicity. Hemlock is known for its natural strength and durability; it is naturally resistant to decay therefore ideal for sauna uses. Its longevity is 300 -1000 years, most other woods average 200 years.
Hemlock is commonly used for bridge timbers, house sills; the grain patterns are dramatically beautiful so it is prized as material for flooring, paneling and trim. Hemlock, a strong, safe and very attractive even grained wood texture. Being a natural material our wood is not too hot to touch even in hot temperatures. Let your interior and exterior of your sauna be the focal point of any room.

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