Why hemlock
  Wood list
Wood list
This hemlock wood floor was installed in the living room of a home in Powel River, BC more than eight years ago. It looks as beautiful today as the day it was finished.
Hemlock Hemlock is the best choice for saunas. Hemlock is known for its natural strength and durability; it is naturally resistant to decay therefore ideal for sauna uses. Its longevity is 300 -1000 years. Beneficial for those with allegies.
Basswood found in US, tough, fibrous inner bark, is weak and is used for cheap furniture, containers. Bee keeping equipment, etc
Polar pale white wood, darkens on exposure, a straight grain and a fine textures, ideal for people who have allergic reactions to wood.
Birch a medium heavy, med. hard wood, its used for most furniture, joinery turned products and floors, it has a wide grain, is smooth and has an elegant feel. Longevity: 80 years.
Oak a hardwood used as a veneer exterior wood, it would suit a home with oak furniture or if you want to create the look of a tight grained wood. Longevity: 50 – 80 years.
Cedar variety of colours, has a fairly pungent odor, straight-grained,has a high degree of thermal insulation, is also used for light construction. Longevity: 200- 400 years.
Spruce also known as whitewood, light in colour, fine grained, resists odour absorption, emits a subtle forest scent, and is commonly used for flooring. Longevity: 200 – 300 years. The spruces are valuable wildlife trees, producing quantities of seed which is eaten by birds and small mammals.
Pinewood has a yellow colouring with brown knots, excellent for staining, by staining the wood it helps to seal it better and achieve a more even look. Pine has a lot of uses, especially for smaller projects. Longevity 200 – 350 years.
Sitka from Alaska, a type of Spruce, most commonly used for boxes and other minor constructions.

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