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About us
Royal Saunas Ltd is a professional manufacturer engaging in the production of high quality infrared sauna and rock saunas.
Our mission is to design and produce innovative lines of family style infrared and rock saunas combining innovative construction and workmanship with the best materials available.
Today, in China, Royal Saunas Ltd is recognized as a leading supplier in this line. Our list of customers increase daily, we attribute this growth and success entirely to our customer satisfaction, the recognized health benefits and the quality of our workmanship.
Being the best and bringing the best to you is our relentless pursuit……

Over a decade of wood production experiences
We are always proud to tell our customers that the former base of Royal Saunas Ltd is a professional furniture factory, which majored in the production of solid wood furniture for more than 10 years! Making furniture requires more complex technique and stricter standards than a sauna. So you can image what a sauna will be when it comes out from a group of skilled furniture workers!
We are always adhere to the strictest standards in the industry, striving to make every sauna to be as smooth、 prefect as a deluxe furniture.
Manufacturing finest sauna
From raw material selection, kiln dry, processing, painting, testing, package…. We have QC in each step in order to ensure customer get qualified product. Our ultimate goal is 100% customer satisfaction.
We occupy an area of over 500,000 square feet, with over 500 employees.Monthly output capacity is 1200pcs.
Our reliable quality
Royal Sauna has been manufacturing best quality saunas for many years and is a leading sauna manufacturer in the industry. The company size and sales volume of it is incomparable to any other seller in China.
Our customer care
A company who cares about customers can survive, and the one who doesn't can't. It's a simple rule. Most of the businesses start with good customer service in their mind at first. However, while
some of them offer consistent quality service and survive in the market as a result, others fail to do that. The key difference is a “ commitment.” Providing quality service to customers requires a great deal of commitment. At Royal Sauna, we commit ourselves to customer service from upper management to all the employees.
Our facilities

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