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What is EMF?
EMF is short for electromagnetic fields or sometimes known as electromagnetic radiation (EMR) or electromagnetic energy (EME). Electromagnetic fields are created when electric current flows, such as using a hair dryer, microwave or cell phone.
In 2002, the California Department of Health produced a report from their California EMF program concluding that increased levels of EMF were responsible for

Increases in incidences of childhood Leukemia.

Increases in incidences of adult brain cancer.

Increases in incidences of Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Increases in incidences of miscarriages.

Many experts and public officials, as well as the few governments that have made an effort to offer public protection, have adopted the 3 mG cutoff point. The EPA (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency) has proposed a safety standard of 3 mG. Sweden has also set a recommended safety limit of 3 mG.
Royal saunas’ specialized heater is able to meet this standard.
Average EMFR levels in Infrared Saunas:
            Peak:          81 mG                                  Average:          55 mG
Average EMFR levels in a ROYAL SAUNA: Over 42 Times Lower!!!
           Peak :         2.4 mG                                  Average:          1.3 mG
                       Royal LOW EMF HEATER                                             Competitors HEATER

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