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Sauna collectionGuangdong Hongyuan Home Furnishing Co., Ltd offers an extensive range of standard sauna models for their customers to choose from. All of the standard models are available right on the company's website, making it easy for customers to find the perfect saunas.
Capacity:1 person Type: Wood: Size:
Canadian Hemlock wood planks that feature FAR Infrared Low EMF carbon heating panels. These saunas can be placed in any room of your home and can help relax and rejuvenate the body.
Product parameters
2 carbon heater 1 floor heater Metal door hinge
Fancy LED color light Durable K5 control system Light:Reading light
6mm Clear glass door background light Heater : Carbon heater 7pcs Stainless stell door handle

Introduction of Exhibits

This is one of our favourite saunas for personal use as it is affordable but provides great heat for an ultimate sauna experience.

The Mica carbon heaters are not just economical but efficient as well. The Mica carbon heaters turn all the electricity used into heat. Thus, saunas can heat up faster and provide more warmth.

Includes a digital control for temperature and sauna time duration adjustment

Made from 100% Canadian Hemlock wood

Proven safe to use; with ETL and CE certifications

The door is made from premium tempered glass that has great visibility of the outside view.

Users of this sauna said that they feel better in terms of health as the time spent inside the sauna helps improve their blood circulation and muscle pain.

No need for any Assembly. Just plug and play

K5 control system for time and temperature, colour light, with music centre and power control

Advanced control system with a built-in music centre. The music centre can work with radio, Bluetooth, USB, and aux.

With this advanced control system, we can divide all the heaters into 3 groups. And the power of each group can be adjusted at 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100%.

Full spectrum heater in the back panel and an extra in the front glass panel which looks very nice

Floor heater for warm foot

Combination of black mica carbon heater and redlight full spectrum heater

Extra big warm LED light and background light under the bench can change colours

(Gloss white, red, Strong green, Light blue, orange, yellow, Violet)

Massive stainless steel door handle for outside, Wood door handle for inside

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